Sunday, March 19, 2017

Peego in Hell

I've been working with learning Inkscape, the free, open source vector art program.  I started investigating it as I got into some online discussions about ways of replacing Bitstrips, which is now defunct as a comic-builder. I created some characters at, but that site seems pretty broken, as I worked for an hour, only to lose the work as soon as I tried to publish a strip.  I converted the characters into vector art and redid the strip in Inkscape.

Anyway, here are the fist 3 installments of Peego in Hell, a sort of proof of concept for doing comics solely using Inkscape (click for larger):

I kind of like these basic little characters, and I have a bunch of ideas for adventures and messes they can get into. I'm sure they'll be back.

As for Inkscape, I really like it for doing comics, and have some tutorial ideas for Bitstrips refugees willing to climb a bit of  a learning curve.

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