Saturday, August 26, 2017

...Do You Know Where Your Freedom Is?

I've been blown away by how great Twin Peaks: The Return has been. Easily the best TV show I've seen in years, and it surpasses the original series in many ways. The characters are as amazing and weird as they ever were, and a personal favorite from The Return is Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, who goes by the alias Dr. Amp. He's right up my alley as Twin Peaks' favorite shovel hawking, ranting webcasting conspiracy theorist, so I took the aging hippy and gave him a Robert Crumb makeover:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ShroomDoom Comix

This happy little comic was originally done as a one sheet 8 pg zine, based on a recurring dream I used to have:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Peego in Hell

I've been working with learning Inkscape, the free, open source vector art program.  I started investigating it as I got into some online discussions about ways of replacing Bitstrips, which is now defunct as a comic-builder. I created some characters at, but that site seems pretty broken, as I worked for an hour, only to lose the work as soon as I tried to publish a strip.  I converted the characters into vector art and redid the strip in Inkscape.

Anyway, here are the fist 3 installments of Peego in Hell, a sort of proof of concept for doing comics solely using Inkscape (click for larger):

I kind of like these basic little characters, and I have a bunch of ideas for adventures and messes they can get into. I'm sure they'll be back.

As for Inkscape, I really like it for doing comics, and have some tutorial ideas for Bitstrips refugees willing to climb a bit of  a learning curve.