Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Neat, Neat, Neat

I think every group of kids had their 'secret' party spots for drinking beer. We had various ponds, pastures and 'the oil wells,' a site outside town where an oil pump and tank sat just of a little traveled back road where we'd park, listen to music and hang out.

This strip was meant to kick off a fairly lengthy story about Wendell, Luthor, Alex and Harper attending a high school kegger. It ended up being the last strip I made for this series. 

It had become increasingly evident through the production of these 16 strips that my process was too slow, and I needed to rethink my work flow. I had also been doing Brain Teaser Comics on the side, and that was working a lot better than Blank Tape, so my focus shifted. 

I decided to share these while Brain Teaser Comics is on hiatus due to a hard drive loss, and I found these finished strips on a backup disk. I hope you enjoyed them. Looking back on them, I learned a lot, and still like the characters and their designs. So much so, that when I was challenged to do a mini-comic back in October I came back to Wendell and Luthor as my characters. I think they have stories to tell, and I have at least one more mini-comic story starring those two idiots on the drawing board...literally. 

So, what of Blank Tape Comics? It is now my side project, and Brain Teaser my main focus. I will post miscellaneous strips, gags, mini-comics and other things here as they are completed, that don't fit the Brain Teaser mold. It will update when it updates and I have no plans for any regular release schedule. I hope you enjoyed the Wendell strips for what they were, a learning experience, an artist biting off more than he was ready to chew. Look for new comics at brainteasercomics.com in the New Year!

And for the final song, and a pretty good summation of my feelings on these 16 comics from a damned project, here's the Damned, 'Neat, Neat, Neat':

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