Monday, November 24, 2014

Walk This Way

This is the first strip in the originally conceived 'Blank Tape Comics,' designed to be a 3 day a week gag strip with a loose ongoing continuity. HERE's the story of what went wrong. Set in the late 1980s it was the semi-autobiographical tale of Wendell, and his pals trying to figure it out in Reagan's America. Music was a big part of my life growing up, so each strip was titled after a song, and my original intent was to include a music video matching the strip title with each release. With that, meet Wendell in Walk This Way!

This version of Blank Tape Comics never really got off the ground, but I'm releasing the 16 completed strips on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday over the next couple weeks for your enjoyment. Wendell, Luthor and Alex (You'll meet them!) will be back in mini-comics and other forms as their tales come to me.

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