Monday, November 24, 2014

The Accidental Cartoonist: The Wendell Strips

Over at Brain Teaser Comics, my other site, I have mentioned my Doomed original web comic that remains unreleased...until NOW!  Discovering I had 16 completed strips sitting there on a backup disk doing nothing, I decided to let you see them between now and the end of the year.  Today I'll release Walk This Way the first Blank Tape Comic I completed, though not the first released. For that check out 55 Rewind. I'll release them Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday through the end of the year...and the end of the strips.

Blank Tape Comics was originally conceived as a three times a week gag comic with a loose continuity. The adventures of Wendell Winger, a teenager in a small town trying to survive the late 1980s. It is admittedly semi-autobiographical and steeped in nostalgia. It didn't end up working for a ton of reasons, but I learned a great deal while working on these strips. I hope you enjoy them. Looking back at them now, I like them well enough, even knowing that in a lot of ways they could be better.  

Each strip comes coupled with a music video that matches the strip's title, part of the original conception of the idea. This was to add additional content to each strip, as well hopefully be a conversation starter for the comments.

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